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Dental Technology – Harlingen, TX

Bringing You State-of-the-Art Dental Care

Dental technology has made every aspect of the treatment process easier, safer, more comfortable, and more effective. At Compassion Dental of Harlingen, we utilize a variety of advanced dental techniques and technologies. From improved diagnostics to more comfortable treatments, our team stays abreast of all the most innovative dental technologies. To find out more, give our Harlingen dental team a call. We welcome patients from nearby Weslaco, Mercedes, La Feria, San Benito, Brownsville and many other valley towns.

Intraoral Cameras

For years, dentists had to rely on their descriptive abilities to help patients understand their oral health care needs. We always try our best to explain oral health conditions, but it’s easier for everyone when we can use intraoral photography to show patients what their smile looks like from our perspective. We can quickly and easily capture crystal clear images of your smile using the Dexis intraoral photography system. Then, we’re able to immediately view these images with you on our chairside computer monitor. This makes it easier than ever for us to explain oral health concerns and possible treatment options.

Digital X-Rays

In addition to intraoral photos that are used to show patients what the visible portions of their teeth look like, we’re also able to show patients the inner structures of their teeth using digital x-rays. Traditional printed film x-rays were difficult to capture, develop, and view. Digital x-rays are quickly and comfortable captured exposing patients to as much as 90% less radiation, and rather than being developed by hand using harsh chemicals, they’re instantly viewable on chairside computer monitors. Digital x-rays also significantly reduce treatment time, since we no longer have to send the physical copies to our lab. Instead, we can immediately transfer them to the lab, a specialist practice, or to insurance companies as needed.

Cavity Detection System

In addition to digital x-rays and visual examinations which allow us to diagnose and treat tooth decay in early stages, we also utilize the Carivu early cavity detection system. Using a unique laser light, Carivu allows us to see the cavity damaged areas of the tooth clearly. When applied to the smile, Carivu lights up the tooth showing us just where the cavity has affected damage, allowing us to provide more precise dental restoration.