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Dental Crowns & Bridges – Harlingen, TX

The Key to Fixing Your Smile

Possibly the most frequently used advanced restorations, dental crowns allow us to repair dental damage, conceal cosmetic smile flaws, and replace missing teeth. These versatile restorations are designed, crafted, and placed over the course of two appointments at our office, leaving patients with fully renewed smiles that look and function like natural dental structures. At Compassion Dental of Harlingen, we focus our dental restoration plans on conserving the maximum amount of natural dental structure, and in many cases, we’re able to do just that by utilizing dental crowns. If you’d like to find out more about dental crown restorations, call our team to schedule an appointment today.

Why Choose Compassion Dental of Harlingen for Dental Crowns & Bridges?

  • Durable, Lifelike Materials
  • No Excessive Waiting Times
  • Same-Day Emergency Care

Restoration Materials

We’re able to craft dental crowns and bridges from a variety of high quality materials. For molars, back teeth, that absorb high levels of pressure from chewing and grinding teeth, we may recommend a durable solution like gold crowns. While these materials are more noticeable in appearance, they work well for back teeth that are not typically visible when patients smile. In addition to their durability, gold crowns create the least amount of wear against opposing teeth. For a more natural appearance, porcelain fused to metal restorations offer a better solution. They combine the strength of gold crowns with a layer of tooth colored porcelain that makes the restorations blend into the natural smile line. For front facing teeth and cosmetic smile enhancements, we will likely recommend all-ceramic dental crowns. These crowns are custom crafted from a block of dental-grade porcelain for a natural appearance. All-ceramic dental crowns retain their flawless natural appearance even after years of daily wear. For patients who have allergies or sensitivities to metal, all-ceramic crowns are the best solution.

Dental Crown Placement

If we determine you need a dental crown restoration, the placement occurs over two appointments in our office. During your first visit, we’ll prepare the tooth or teeth to be treated. Then, we capture bite impressions that will be used by our dental lab to create your custom crown. We’ll also place a temporary crown to protect your tooth. Once we receive the final restoration from the lab, you’ll return to exchange your temporary for a custom dental crown.

Fixed Bridge Restorations

For patients who have lost one or more consecutive teeth, two dental crowns can be fused to either side of the replacement tooth or teeth and attached to teeth on either side of the lost tooth. This tooth replacement prosthetic is known as a fixed bridge and can be made from any of the materials regularly used to craft dental crowns.